October 10 - -A committee of five people wrote a...

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Tea Act, 1773 Making the Break -Olive Branch Petition-don’t have power to tax or tax away government -Colonists believe they are English citizens and cannot be treated that way -Statement of defiance, King dispatches troops -“Common Sense” – Written by Thomas Paine -Thomas Paine -A radicalist from England. When written, this is first sign of revolution -Say we have reached a point where we do not need to be a part of England anymore and sever the ties with England. It is too late for reconciliation. -Very popular book in colonies. Everyone has read or had it read to them -Effectively encourages creation of new public opinion -Whenever someone spoke about Americans, they were regarding the Indians and the colonists considered themselves British. However, by January 1776, more and more people regarded themselves as Americans. -In May 1776, colonists begin a discussion about a declaration to become independent
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Unformatted text preview: -A committee of five people wrote a justification of why they are taking these actions-Thomas Jefferson makes a draft of the independence letter, Franklin edits it -One major disagreement of the letter was that Jefferson said slavery is not right and many people would not sign unless changed-Jefferson reluctantly takes it out and the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776-“We must hang together or we will all surely hang together separately” –Ben Franklin Conclusion Roots of the crisis Revolution did not happen suddenly Americans believe they are a victim of conspiracy Mutual suspicions have led the oppositions to think the worst of each other Could have solved the problem, compromised How this happened-Gradually-restrictions on local self govt., colonists continued refusal power to legislate troops of enforcement outcome not certain...
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October 10 - -A committee of five people wrote a...

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