October 12 - -Larger economy can replace soldiers easily...

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Indians take proactive role because their fate rests on outcome. Most side with British promise to stop migration. Independent U.S. is bad for them because Americans would take their land. A few side with American places where whites have already taken over and their security relies on the American victory. Some Iroquois stay neutral to keep themselves from being dominated. Advantages of Revolution for Patriots -Mobilized advantage- -Home advantage-Patriots were very effective and getting people motivated and s- supporting the cause -Every white male took an active role in fighting (about 225,000-250,000) -Defending their home grounds and territories, know they area, British don’t. -Psychological advantage-between sin and purity, almost religious. Advantages of Revolution for British -British have the largest, most powerful military, navy. -Britain can cut off commercial shipping, American trade. -They have a larger population (about 12million to 4million colonists)
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Unformatted text preview: -Larger economy, can replace soldiers easily Disadvantages of Revolution for Colonists-Lack of money (funds cut off by England) so colonists raise taxes, and had to turn to other countries.-Hard to keep an army in the field (never larger than 16,000 people) because of harsh conditions. Disadvantages of Revolution for Britain-Takes four to six weeks to get troops or messages back and forth from England to colonies-Only 13 colonies are rebelling of 30 worldwide, so they can not use all of its resources on this Revolution because they have to still support its others. Military Forces Your advantage is your opponent’s disadvantage On paper, England should easily win war.-British Army- Largest and well disciplined Officers must be from family gentry Lower classes of England can never become a military officer Militias and Continental Army Most colonists serve in the local militia, rather than the Continental Army (200,000)...
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October 12 - -Larger economy can replace soldiers easily...

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