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October 15 - The Fortunes of War Phase One War in the North...

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The Fortunes of War Phase One: War in the North Early engagements -New England British strategy was to focus on Massachusetts, and isolate it from the rest of the colonies. England focused war on New England British withdraw for the most part from the colonies in 1776, and the fighting is pretty much over England does not want to alienate the colonies The Howe Brothers (Whigs) –sympathetic to colonial cause They wanted to restore peace as well as end the rebellion. They wanted to regain loyal subjects, not alienate them. If they inflicted a crushing defeat, they would have risked making them permanent enemies. -New York Loyalist Central location British choose New York to be headquarters Washington is chosen to protect New York Thinks it is not possible Continental Army is not well trained, and is very outnumbered
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Washington loses half his force over a period of time and retreats to N.Y. Battle of New York Things do not look good for Continental Army. Down to 4,000 men.
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