September 21 - -New Englanders have monopoly on...

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Massachusetts Economy Government regulates economic activity -Limit number of blacksmiths in town -Number of flower mills Government determines price -Did not like a market economy -Price is fixed (just price), never changes Farming is economic basis -Labor force is your family -Slavery is not primary workforce -Crops grown in Massachusetts were not labor intensive (wheat, barley, etc.) Shipbuilding -Brings in big money -A very high skill -Wood is a very valuable source -Primary resource that created the English Navy -By 1776, ¾ of English ships were built in Massachusetts -1 log can earn half a year wage Fishing -Is also another big industry -Employs 1/6 of English males -Provides a great deal of income Trade
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-Major component of English economy -Trade surplus not just to New England, but English Caribbean islands
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Unformatted text preview: -New Englanders have monopoly on shipping-Yankees become primary slave traders Massachusetts Society General Characteristics-Classes are distributed Egalitarian (rough social equality) Morality-Puritans gave us our sense of morality-Puritans believed in lots of sex within marriage-Between 1630 and 1700, 1/3 of all children born were born 1 month after marriage-Puritans believed that marriage partner should be chosen not forced upon-Drank lots of beer-Being drunk is a sin-Gambling not allowed Family-Family is center of society-Mother’s responsibility to teach children-Reading Bible was necessity (Public Schools were owned Governance-Town meeting(not democracy)(men only)(landowner)(church member)...
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September 21 - -New Englanders have monopoly on...

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