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September 26 - -laws of gravity(earth is magnistic-suggests...

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The Enlightenment -follow up to Renaissance -end of Middle Ages -represents a new way of thinking, approaching the universe -calls into questions things we thought we knew -new ideas that will have effect on British Mainland colonies -republicanism, colonism, evangelicalism -is going to change way people approach world -primarily in Europe -also known as ‘Age of Reason’ rationalism -secular approach to learning -through most of middle ages and renaissance-church had monopoly on learning -only clergy were literate -rationalism embodies reason, natural law -tradition said things happen because of gods will (things happen for a reason) -bad harvest-punishment, good punishment-praise -rationalists would say “natural law” governs why things happen -natural law says that humans have power to understand universe and derive truth -rationalists who believe in natural law are viewed as atheists, heretics
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science -enlightenment is regarded as beginning of modern science, scientific revolution -newton,
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Unformatted text preview: -laws of gravity (earth is magnistic)-suggests earth can operate without divine interventions-proves through calculations-viewed as heretic, when in fact tried to prove existence of god-unlocks natural laws-franklin-started poor, 11 th of 12 kids, apprentice to his brother growing up-did many experiments, invented many things(stove, bifocals, lightning rod, etc.)-newton works in pure science, franklin in applied science philosophy-explanation of essence rather than existence Voltaire-what is our place in universe-clock does not prove time, it only proves someone made it-earth is proof that god exists-viewed as atheist, heretic John Locke-tombula rossa (blank slate)-born neither good or bad, learn to be good or bad Politics-social contract-born free-right to life, liberty, property (government can not take it away)-ex. Wont kill someone so they have right to life-new way of thinking contradicts traditional European government: monarchy-natural rights as well as natural law...
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