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Don Flynn Professor Startin April 21, 2008 @01073636 Extra Credit What Kind of People are We Trying to Elect President? Presidential campaigns have been around for a very long time. To become President, the candidate’s party must elect him or her, to represent their party out of many people in what is known as the primary season. After the candidate has been elected as that Party’s nominee, the party will do everything it can to get him or her elected as President. On the Republican Party side, the main candidates were John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson. On the Democrat side, the main candidates were Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edward, and Bill Richardson. The difference between the parties in the election now is that the Repulbican Party has already decided who their candidate will be, the Democrat nominee is still up for grabs between Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. However, recently I have been wondering how and why these candidates are left. Although I consider myself a conservative Republican, and would have preferred Mitt Romney to be elected, and even though I do not agree with some of John McCain’s more moderate conservative ideology, I still respect the man. He has not seemed to do anything in the past in
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politics - Don Flynn Professor [email protected] Extra...

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