endl281-2 - A Place for You and Me Many different aspects...

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Unformatted text preview: A Place for You and Me Many different aspects such as culture, businesses, history, economic standards, and of course, people, all come together to make a place what it is, eventually causing the area to either suffer or flourish. The International District within Seattle, WA is one such location that places a large emphasis on community. From its beginnings as a simple home for migrant Chinese workers, to the multicultural hub it is today, its community has changed and grown over the years. For the most part, it has succeeded in creating an engaging locale that both supports residents and endears visitors, however, as the area has modernized it has faced competition for business from less than perfect neighbors such as Qwest and Safeco Fields and McDonalds. By observing the area's composition and following through by obtaining written support from community newspapers that feel the same, I believe that as more tourists travel the ID, smaller businesses will need to adopt a more "all inclusive" standpoint in order to draw in the varying customers that visit. While local newspapers do have their limitations, including a variety of biases such as personal opinion and perhaps speaking more to champion community-based developments versus entertaining commercial-minded pursuits, I believe the articles I've collected do a good job of portraying the ups and downs of such practices and why the ID should indeed develop smaller businesses rather than submitting to the demands of corporations. For the District, maintaining its cultural and economic interests while garnering more interest from customers will be pivotal for the success of the community. Ever since the inception of the Kingdome near the ID, the community has had to unite in order to defend against being consumed by larger "Americanized" attractions. While the ID's locals had nothing against baseball, concerns about where the consumer traffic would flow, and explode, was a major concern. "One main public safety issue here is that so many elderly people cross the streets. When people are late for games, they rush around the parking... and they need to come up (to the ID) because there's no parking available closer. Meanwhile, they're speeding around looking for a parking space... then, a lot of garbage (is left behind)," (2) Ken Katahira, an Executive Director for Inter*Im, an ID developmental organization, said in a 1996 interview. The people of the ID had already needed to face the Kingdome's backlash, whose projected visitor influx was vastly underestimated by officials, and were about to be hit with the development of Qwest and Safeco Fields. The community was not only concerned with safety troubles, but also the economic impact it might have on the community. Another Inter*Im troubles, but also the economic impact it might have on the community....
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endl281-2 - A Place for You and Me Many different aspects...

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