Unit 3 DB Assignment Pregnancy

Unit 3 DB Assignment Pregnancy - Based on what I have...

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Based on what I have learned from this unit as well as what I have learned from being a woman who has had complications during pregnancy I would advise any woman who is considering becoming pregnant or who was already pregnant the importance of maintaining her doctor visits as well as avoiding stressful situations. More times than not women think that because child birth is a natural process things will just happen naturally and that there is not much that they need to do. This is far from the truth. I would counsel women and explain the importance of constant monitoring throughout the pregnancy. How important it is to know that the fetus is progressing as it should, when it should. I would stress the importance of eating healthy and what foods to avoid. I would suggest that she read literature that incorporates information from the conception stage all the way through the delivery stage. New moms are not familiar with the ins and outs of pregnancy.
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