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Unit 1 DB Assignment - To say that the mind of a child is a...

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To say that the mind of a child is a blank slate baffles me. I wonder at what age the slate starts to fill. Nature refers to heredity: the genetic makeup of an individual while Nurture, by contrast, refers to many external or environmental factors to which an individual is exposed from conception to death. The debate with regard to nature vs. nurture has been an ongoing field of interest for a very long time and I believe it will continue for quite some time to come. I apply everything to my own life and with nature vs. nurture I have to say that I am the individual that I am today because of the nurturing my mother bestowed upon me as well as the environment she reared me and my sibling in. It is a possibility that Nurture complements Nature and that Nature's gift to humans is their potential that can be realized through socialization and education. According to researcher Brian J. Hayes, A) People theorize their own reality. B) Social Influence encompasses all Social Life. If this is the case than it can surely be
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