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Unit 1 DB3 - The methods which I will discuss today come...

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The methods which I will discuss today come from the Descriptive studies because they are supposedly the simplest method of scientific inquiry which describe behavior and mental processes. 1) Naturalistic Observation - allow behavior to occur without interference or intervention by the researcher. I think that naturalistic observation is the easiest of all because it incorporates something that we as humans do automatically without realizing, (people watch). The strengths of this research method is its simplicity in which it allows you to study an individual’s behavior in an environment that they are familiar with and not a laboratory. (Boyd, 2009). As with all things positive there is always the opposite and that is the case with the Naturalistic observation research method. Due to the fact that an individual is in a familiar environment upon observation one would be noticed and that can tend to feel a bit intrusive by the subject being observed. Also, because of the
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