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My goals when starting this course was to incorporate a new style of eating that would be healthier for me and my family. I also wanted to do something that might make my injury to my hip a little less severe, so I thought to add a little walking in my daily routine. I knew that if I could continue with the walking that eventually it would benefit my hip and back problems. My doctor as well as my physical therapist had told me in the past that I needed to start some sort of exercise regimen because if not my injuries would become worse. That was the truth. I have been told and have experienced the pain of not attempting to exercise the muscles and tendons in the region of my injuries. Now that I have added walking daily and eating properly I have noticed a significant difference in the type of pain I experience and it is tolerable to say the least. Before I suffered for hours on end and had to resort to taking pain medications that I know have several possible side effects. I understand now that it is the skeletal system that is the frame work of the body and
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Unformatted text preview: that when you neglect it you suffer dire consequences. By incorporating more calcium rich foods I know that I am contributing to better bone structure and hopefully pushing osteoporosis back a bit. I was never a drinker of milk or dairy products other than ice cream, so I was not giving my bones the nourishment that it needed. This could have been a contributing factor to why my bones are so fragile. At present I know that with the other illnesses that I have I need to maintain a healthy diet. I need to continue to eliminate sugars from my diet and not cheat with ice cream. I understand that to be a healthy me I need to eat a healthy and balanced diet on a daily basis. I am continuing in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle that will give me the time here I need to really, truly enjoy those most important to me in this life, my family. This class has started me on my journey and for that I am thankful....
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