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U04a2 Project So far what I have learned from my journaling experience is that I try very hard to do it daily and that if I do miss a day I really have a difficult time recalling all the things that needed to go in there. Also, I am learning that I really am pleased with the course that my changes in my diet are starting to make. I see a difference in the overall feeling of well being that my family and I are experiencing. My initial goals when I started this was to eat healthier, eliminate fried foods, incorporate more vegetables to my family’s diet and to eat more meals per day versus the regular just 3 times per day like usual. I have noticed that my daily caloric intake is not far off on a day to day basis. I am just beginning to understand that activities (all activities) eliminate calories. I am awed that just by sitting and talking on the phone a person is able to burn
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Unformatted text preview: calories. I thought that to burn calories an individual would have to be involved in some type of really physically challenging activities. I did however know that walking briskly allowed for additional burning of calories on a daily basis but not something as simple as what I mentioned above. Current trends would be to me the Yoga, the running, sit ups, kick boxing and things of that nature. I cannot be totally sure about these activities because I do not partake in any of the above. I do notice however that people are really into water beverages that contain 0 calories. Bicycling is yet another trend that I notice that people do to stay in shape as well as in-line skating. These activities seem to be extremely popular to many different age groups and ethnicities....
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