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Based on my nutrition and exercise goals I am better able to understand that being a diabetic as well as an asthmatic I am in greater need of exercise and a stable nutrition plan that will assist me in maintaining optimal health. Having asthma there is always the possibility that my heart may beat harder and faster in its attempt to supply my body with more oxygenated blood when there is a reduction of properly oxygenated blood entering my heart. This condition is called hypoxia. I am not one for much exercise due to other health issues. However, I have taken to walking as much as possible in my yard and have found that though I have an increased heart rate afterward it seems to be doing my breathing some good. I have not been as short of breath as I normally am and this is a plus. I have discussed this with my doctor and have had a recent physical which showed that the little walking activity that I have been doing has not caused any stress to my being and my doctor stated that as long as my body tolerates it and my
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