Week 7 Assignment

Week 7 Assignment - Week 7 Assignment My fellow Americans...

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Week 7 Assignment My fellow Americans as your first Afro American female president I come before you today with the following agenda. As I address you with regard to the major issues our Country faces today I am going to focus on the following most pressing concerns of our Country. What I have seen and what has been related to me by you the American People as well as my top advisors is that Education, Health care, Immigration, The environment, and last but not least Civil Rights are issues that have long been denied their proper due. With this being said I am devoting most of my time to finding resolutions that will enable us, all of us to live more productive, happier lives in this great Country we call the United States. Education is and has been a major concern throughout the country for the past 20 or some odd years. This is an issue that is close to the heart for many of us. It may be due to the fact that we have had relatives or people that we knew or our parents may have known that never went past middle school or it could be simply that we see that some are given advantages in the school system and others are not. Whatever the reason I want to express that this will no longer be the case. I am devoting 30% of my time to ensure that all early education programs are geared towards preparing our children for entry into the public and private school sectors. The curriculums will be comprehensive in such a manner that is appropriate for the eager minds of our children to learn. Based on what has transpired in our past we are quite aware that amendments need to
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Week 7 Assignment - Week 7 Assignment My fellow Americans...

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