Week 1 American Government Assignment (Conservatism)

Week 1 American Government Assignment (Conservatism) -...

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Unformatted text preview: Hello Class, My name is Barbara A. Baldwin and this is new to me but I am definitely up to the challenge. I decided to advance my career by finalizing my degree. I am the mother of 2 great children and 3 beautiful granddaughters. They keep me young and I keep them grounded. My passion is early childhood education and I have been in the field for over 25 years. I anticipate a exciting journey with you all and hope to learn something from each of you and hopefully you will learn from me as well. Well, good luck to you all. 1.Should we have more or less government intervention? Based on the state of the world economy alone I am going to give my viewpoint on the pros as well the cons of what I believe with regard to whether or not there should be less or more intervention by the government. We are all aware that the United States Government rules by an agenda that is second to none. It is about power, status and supposedly the “American Dream” My mother, who is 82 years old has seen how the United States has risen and fallen for...
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Week 1 American Government Assignment (Conservatism) -...

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