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Math 55: Discrete Mathematics, Fall 2008 Reading and Homework Assignment 3 Reading: Lecture 8: 3.5 Lecture 9: 3.6, especially modular exponentiation and the Euclidean algorithm Lecture 10: 3.7 Homework (due Monday, 9/22): Odd-numbered self-checking exercises: 3.7: 1(d), 7, 21, 27, 53 Chapter 3 Supplementary Exercises 21, 29, 35 Problems carried over from Assignment 2: 3.5: 6, 18, 26, 34 [Hint: first check it for at least 6 values of n ], plus: (B) In problem 26, find all possibilities for the two integers with the given GCD and product. 3.6: 22, 24(f), 30 New problems: 3.7: 8, 10, 20, 28, 52, 54 Chapter 3 Supplementary Exercise 40 (p. 260) A note about the grading policy: Homework is extremely important in this course, and I would love to have it fully cor-
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Unformatted text preview: rected and count for a large part of your grade. However, no money is available to hire graders, and the GSIs have limited time to correct homework along with their other duties. Therefore, on each homework, a subset of the problems will be fully graded and scored out of 10 points each. The remaining problems will only be checked quickly and will count 2 points each. The choice of problems for grading will not be announced in advance, but will be indicated on the solutions. The selection is partially random, but I am more likely to choose for grading those problems requiring more thought. The grading formula for the course will be Final Exam=40%, Midterm Exams=20% each, Homework=20%....
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