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Mediation - country b The acodeco c The national authority...

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Mediation as an alternative method for the solution of conflicts. What is mediation? It is an alternative method for the solution of conflicts in a cooperative manner, with the help of a facilitator who acts as mediator. It is a negotiation assisted or supported by a mediator, between two or more parties in conflict. It is a voluntary process; they can turn to the parties when they accept. No one is forced to accept mediation. The mediation is guided by the principles of the autonomy of the parties, fairness, neutrality, confidentiality, economy and efficiency. Where it applies the mediation? Public-Sector: a) Judicial Branch (they have instituted mediation centers in almost all provinces of our
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Unformatted text preview: country.) b) The acodeco c) The national authority of public services -Private Sector: a) Mediation centers. b) Experts of the mediation. c) The mediation in business disputes. -Community Mediation. -Mediation in the schools. -Mediation of conflicts between countries. -Mediation in social and political conflicts -Mediation in the Guerra and guerrilla -Mediation in the family -Other sectors of society -Judicial basis of the mediation Decree-Law No. 5 of 8 July 1999: establishing the arbitration regime Executive Decree no. 77, December 21, 2007: Action on Arbitration Institutions....
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