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Reaction Paper #1 - Psych 198G Internship 1 Working with...

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Psych 198G Internship Working with those suffering with Alzheimer's Disease Bahareh Seifikabir Psychology 198G Reaction Paper #1 Dr. Hammond April 5, 2010 1
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Psych 198G Internship What Influenced me towards the Alzheimer’s Disease as my Internship Introduction I began my first volunteer work during my freshmen year at UC Riverside working as an outreach counselor for disadvantaged youth at alternative high school located in Orange County, California. Although the position was quite challenging at times and often created doubt in my decision in choosing the field of psychology as my major, I believe that in the long run, the counseling sessions helped me a great deal in developing a sense of community and group spirit. In fact, I came to realize that I truly enjoyed listening to the needs of others and providing comfort and encouragement. Later, during my junior year in college, at the urging of one my psychology professors, I became involved in the field of neuroscience as a special education research aid working with autistic children in improving their cognitive function as well as their social and behavioral development. After the completion of my research study, I successfully wrote several articles and short research proposals regarding my findings on the educational challenges facing students and their families in overcoming some of the misconceptions of Autism Spectrum Disorder in special education, thus leading me to continue my efforts in
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Reaction Paper #1 - Psych 198G Internship 1 Working with...

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