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Reaction paper #7 - 1 Importance of asking questions:...

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1 Importance of asking questions: Dealing with Alzheimer's Sufferers Bahareh Seifikabir Psychology 198G Reaction Paper #7 Dr. Hammond May 17, 2010 It has become very clear to me while volunteering at Air Force Village West that one of the central recurring themes in dealing with those suffering from Alzheimer’s is the management
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2 of the problem behaviors associated with the disease. By problem behavior I am referring to the type of behavior that causes disruption to oneself or others and requires intervention by another person. For example, when a resident becomes overwhelmed by stimuli (i.e. bright light or loud music) and suddenly becomes extremely agitated and hostile towards caregiver and or other residents. Other problem behaviors are socially inappropriate behaviors such as undressing in public, eating other persons’ food and inadvertently stealing another person’s belongings. Thus, the question that one may ask is how can care providers replace such inappropriate behaviors with more socially acceptable ones? What method of communication can be administrated to assist those with Alzheimer’s to learn acceptable behaviors? At Air Force Village West’s skilled nursing unit, the fundamental goal for residents with Alzheimer’s is to provide a safe and supportive environment for them as well as creating new, meaningful social roles to replace roles lost due to the disease (e.g., provider for spouse, worker). In this setting, persons with Alzheimer’s can interact with persons in a similar cognitive state and form meaningful attachments. Care providers like me can foster group spirit, to show residents that they are
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Reaction paper #7 - 1 Importance of asking questions:...

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