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ANTH102-Midterm - ANTIcfw IO2 Name I.D ANTHROPOLOGY 1O2...

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ANTI{ IO2 October 6, 2OOO 45 minutes NO AIDS PERMITTED Name : I.D. : ANTHROPOLOGY 1O2 idterm Ouiz # I i Instructor: Robert W. Park Fall, 2OOO THrS gUYZ, rS OUT AND YOU IIAVE 45 MINUTES. BI'DGET YOUR TIME ACCORDINGLY. You may hand paper and the answer form and leave $UIETLY lf you flnish early. ANSWER ON TIIE MARIIING SHEET, ANSWERS ON THIS gT'ESTION SHEET WILL N(}T BE CoNSIDERED. CHOOSE THE BESTT ANSWER FOR EACII gLESTION. Itr OIIIE CORRECT ANSWER INCLI'DES qIIIERS, TIIE MOST INCLUSWE IS THE BEST. consists of the behavior and thought devoted to symbolic, ideational, artistic, l . plpyful, and intellectual endeavors. iiA).1 Infrastructure zB). Structure { C) Jsuperstructure \D't Domestic structure 2. agriculture utilizes the nutrients and silt from rivers. A) Slash-and-burn B) Mixed iC) Irrigation D) Sustainable "The rational allocation of scarce means {or resources) to alternative ends (or uses)" is the definition of: A) Foraging (hunting and gatherin$ B) Division of labour C) Reciprocity D) Economizing behaviour Adaptation refers to biological and cultural traits A) that remain unchanged during thousands and millions of years B) that improve opportunities for individuals of a population to survive and reproduce e) that diminish the opportunities for individuals of a population to surwive and reproduce D) that have nothing to do with survival or reproduction Anthropological fieldwork involves A) living near the society that's being studied for a brief period of time, and getting to know a few people who live within that society B) library research and laboratory experiments C}1 living within a society for a prolonged period of time and taking part in the daily activities of the society D) tryrng to educate the people whose culture is being studied, so that they c€rn acquire a more civilized lifestyle Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski's research among the Trobriand Islanders of the South Pacific convinced him that Sigmund Freud's theory of the universality of the Oedipus complex was incorrect. What evidence persuaded Malinowski that Freud was wrong? 3. 4. 5. 6. P a g e l o f l l
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10. 1 1 . l a | | r i ( i , I , , i . : \ t I AI{TH IO2 7. Anthropologsts focus careful attention on a society's system of food producuon because A) they believe that all socieues basically produce food ln the szrme way B) they belleve that a society's system of food production never changes in any significant way O ttt"y beti*. that the system of food produc1on i'fluences many other aspects of t1.e cdlure, including suCh areas as religlon, economics, art, family structure, etc'
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