ANTH102-Midterm2 - ANTH IO2 Name : I.D. : ANTHROPOLOGY 1O2...

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ANTH IO2 November 3, 2OOO 45 minutes NO AIDS PERMITTED Name : I.D. : ANTHROPOLOGY 1O2 Midterm Qulz #2 ./ / 'o 'i ., /- '.t, //i /' /.: Instructor: Robert W. Park Fall, 2OOO THrS grrv Is ouT oF 1o5 ANL YOU IIAVE 46 !fiNUTES. BITDGET YOIIR TIME ACCORDINGLY. ANSWER ON THt MARKNG SIIEET. ANSWERS ON TTIIS gITESTION SHTET WIL NOT BE colvsmpnpp. cHoosD TIIE BEST ANSWER FOR EACII gITESTION' IF ONE CORRECT ANSWER INCLIIDES OTHDRSI, TTIE MOST INCLUSIVE IS THT BBST. Refcr to utc fotlowtngi dtagram to answer tihe fotlowhg flvc qucstions, You ('ego') arc rcprcacntcd on thc dlagran by the equarc. 7 I 10 11 ego 12 13 l. The individuals on the chart who are your parallel cousins are: A) 2,5 B) 7, 8, 15, and 16 c) 7,8 D) 7, 8,9, and 10 -V a\ g, lo, 13, and 14 2. If this kinship terminolos/ is of the Egkimo type, which individuals would be called 'brother'? A) 7, ll, 13 B) 2,7,9 c) 7,9 "i , D) 11 only E) 7 only g. If this kinship terminology is Iroquois, which individuals would be called 'sister'? A) 8, lO --4., ,'$ lo, 12, 14 c) 5, 12, 14 'M t2 only E) L2, L4, L6 4. If this kinship terminology is Hawaiian, who would you call 'mother'? A) 4 only B) 4,5 9l 4,5, 10, and 14 r, D)) L,4,5 Y) r,4 5. If this kinship terminology is Crow, who would you call 'father'? A) 3 only B) 2,3 .+" iC) 2, 3, 7 D 2, s,6, and 15 E) 2, 3, 7, and 15 Page I of 14 15 14
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peasirits are subject to the control of a decentralized \NTH IO2 hereditary ruling class whose members provide military assistance to one another. 4. Capitalist F) Agromanagerial C) Feudal D) Impoverished is the abilitv of the state to block the movement of its citizens to other environments outside of state control. A) Emigration B) Migration C) Ideologr .. 6) Circumscription A lKung San headman has A) a lot of money, which he uses in settling disputes B) four wives, who play a crucial role in settling all disputes within the society C) complete dictatorial authority .ri Dl no formal authority and can only persuade others, but never enforce his will on them 9.A is a group of people who have a similar degree and type of access to power within a society. A) subculture B) cult movement C) sodality -r', D class lo. A big man is Af the leader of an eltte army of highly trained soldiers ..,. 4l! a local entrepreneur who successfully mobilizes wealth on behalf of his group C) a merchant who controls long-distance trade routes over a vast territory .Df an trdigenous philosopher who fully understands tlle folklore of hls society I 1. A society led by a person responsible for allied groups of villages is a A) bigrnandom B) nation C) band 1 D chiefdom 12. A society's postmarital residence influences A) whether a married couple will be surrounded by the husband's or the wife's kin B) who stays, enters or leaves various domestic groups C) ttre type and amount of support that the marded couple can expect fiom ktn -"- r'D) all of the above E) aandb only 13. As described in Niso by Ma{orie Shostak, all tKung children nurse for at least - before being weaned: A) one year B) two years - ,Cl three years D) four years E) Ilve years \r 6.
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ANTH102-Midterm2 - ANTH IO2 Name : I.D. : ANTHROPOLOGY 1O2...

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