BIOL139-Midterm - For question 1-30 choo;c 11ichcst...

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For question\ 1-30 choo.;c 11ic hcst atlrrvet- 1. Thalnswmia is causcd h!' n rcccssivt: auromrnrtl allele in humans. II'illl o Crll~cr P rvlio 113% tl~alaaccrnin and a rtlothcr rcvlto is n I~eteroq'gous cnr~icr oPlllis nllcle. 1111at the prohahilit that their first cl~ild rvill be an affcctcd lnale '? it. 115 b. J.2 c, tl cl. 3'8 c. 3 '4 2. In 3 ~CS~CI.OSS invol~ing a dihyhrid indiviclual 1-> lir. \r hct-c \' i~; dorninarlt to ym and R is dominant r. and where t11.t: ti? o gcncs n.;sor-t independell tl!-. ir hat ppc of phsnoh~ic ratio would bt: cs~?ecfctl in Plic: oflkpring *! a. all would havc tllc samc phcnof >.pc b. 1:2:1 c. 1:I:T:l d. 9:3:3:t e. 12:3:1 3. If trx-o or morc finus of' same gcnc 2sis t, the diffcscnt forms 31-cl c~IIccI: 1\v0 afl'ccted indi~riduals 11, o unaf ected individuals two related individuals tsvo carriers trvo homoqgut es
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Name: Ill": - 5. IP n stripccf cat from a purc-breeding stc~ck wax mated to n spotted another purc-hresdin g stock, and IIIC rzsultant ptngcny arc 311 170th spoftc~l and striped, these nllzIes for coat pattern arc: r 3. dominant b. reccssiva c, cpistatic d. codominant c. incornpletoly dominant 6. Two indivirluals are albino duc to rcccssive mutations, nlon they havs children, all 11nl:c normal pigmentation. Thfq b an example of: a. ~oclorninancc b. incomplete dominance plaid?
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BIOL139-Midterm - For question 1-30 choo;c 11ichcst...

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