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302%20Exam%204%202010%20vA%20answered - Name BIOL302 Spring...

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Name: _____________________________ BIOL302 Spring 2010 Exam 4 ID: A 1 302 Exam 4 2010 Multiple Choice: Identify the single best answer for the question. 1) Which is true about a SNP? a) it is caused by slippage druing DNA replication b) it always alters the amino acid sequence of a protein c) it could lead to a RFLP d) two of the above e) all of the above 2) What of the following pairs of sequences (from two different individuals) would be alleles of a Simple Tandem Repeat Polymorphism? 1. ATGAATTCGG and ATGAAATCGG 2. ATGAATTCGG and AAGAATTCGG 3. GAAGAAGAA and GAAGAAGAAGAA 4. GAAGAAGAA and CAAGAAGAA 5. GGGGGGGG and GGAGGGGG 3) Why do alterations affecting expression of the Bcl2 gene contribute to cancer?
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Name: _____________________________ BIOL302 Spring 2010 Exam 4 ID: A 2 4) What is a GTPase? 5) A ‘probe’ in molecular biology usually refers to a) a molecule used in a nucleic acid hybridization reaction to identify a specific DNA fragment b) a molecule that kills bacteria that have not taken up plasmid DNA c) an instrument used to manipulate cells in tissue culture d) a laser that can dtermine the colorof fluorescent tags during automated (by a machine) DNA sequencing e) a molecule that can cause cancer cells to undergo apoptosis 6) Tumor-suppressor genes normally control a) telomerase actvity b) sister chromatid separation c) the cell cycle or apoptosis d) DNA polyermase processivity e) protein degradation 7) Which of the following could be a polymorphic site in the human genome?
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302%20Exam%204%202010%20vA%20answered - Name BIOL302 Spring...

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