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BIOL139 - 1 on this examination[remand airline University...

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Unformatted text preview: 1- . on this examination [remand airline University of - _. ' —m=-_._: u. i; 2. i . Mehes'tmforeldtqluihg Illilplper.liesare 3. Ariel-youaresureofyourm,finintfiecompufeeiidfilhapenfi’lasolitlhieaonthe UniversityofWateriooAlphaheticamereard. mqui‘W m. Leavethe ; . .- informationshouldheoompleted. Rememher, itisthecomputermrdthatwiflbemarked‘ 4. Handinboflttheeomputercardandufispaperattheendofflieexamination, l. Mendei’s law of states that during gamete formation, different pairs of alleles segregate independently of each other. a. product b. sum — c. segregationx @ independent assortment e recombination 2. The domestication of plants and animals is brought about through: a. independent assortment in. random segregation genetic drifl artificial selectionx e. random mutation 3. In ' ideals having two different alleles for a single trait are monohybrids it b. dihybrids c. monosornic d. disomic e. polyploid 4. Which of the following was up; hypothesized through Mendel’s studies of garden peas? gene linkage-1k. . complete dominancefreoessive relationships between gene alleles 0. random uniting of two gametes at fertilization ' d. results of genetic crosses reflect basic rules of probability e. parental traits do not become mixed and forever lost' in the offspring Page 25? 22 ...
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