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Name ___________________________ Seat Number ________________ Problem 1) Draw shear and moment diagrams for the following beam. w = 3 k/foot, M = 200 kip ft, X1 = 12 feet, X2 = 24 feet, X3 = 15 feet, X4 = X5 = 8 feet. Problem 2) Solve for the state of stress at point A at the center, on the bottom of the tank shown. The tank is full of a liquid causing a uniform load of 5 kips/foot along the length of the tank (including the weight of the steel tank). The fluid is pressurized to 60 psi. There is also an axial force of 600 kips and a torque of 500 kip feet applied to the tank as shown. The tank has an OD = 60 inches and a wall thickness of 1 inch, and is 20
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Unformatted text preview: feet long. Show each stress caused on a separate block before summarizing them on the last block. Problem 3) The W12x50 shown below has a load of 2 kips per foot. Over the years the right roller support has settled 1 inch down from its original position. Using the method of superposition (see pg. 746), determine the maximum bending stress in the beam after the settlement has occurred. The beam is 14 feet long. Take E as 29,000 ksi. Problem 4) Design the lightest wide flange to carry the loads shown. The uniform load is 9 k/ft. Use an allowed normal stress of 42 ksi. Use L1 = 5 feet, L2 = 12 feet....
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