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QA95C - The total area of the concrete is 200 in^2 and the...

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Name ____________________________ Seat Number __________________ NOTE: You must show ALL work in neat, legible, logical order for credit. Problem 1) For the shaft shown, determine the shearing stress at the INSIDE SURFACE of section BC. The torque on the bar is 6 kip feet. Bar AB is solid, with an OD = 4 inches, an E = 30,000 ksi, and G = 10,000 ksi. Bar BC is hollow, with an OD = 4 inches, an ID = 3.5 inches, E = 20,000 ksi and G = 8,000 ksi. The ends of the bar are fixed, as shown. Problem 2) The concrete column shown is reinforced with several steel bars. The allowed stress in the concrete is 8 ksi, and the allowed stress in the steel is 60 ksi. Econcrete = 3,500 ksi, and Esteel = 30,000 ksi.
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Unformatted text preview: The total area of the concrete is 200 in^2, and the total area of the steel is 18 in^2. Determine the maximum allowed axial load on the column. Problem 3) For the bar shown below, determine the maximum temperature to which the bar can be raised before yielding the steel. The bar was installed at a temperature of 70 degrees F, at which time the bar exactly fit between the two walls. The yield stress of the bar is 30 ksi, and the thermal coefficient of expansion is 6.5x10E-6 in/in/degree F. The bar is 40 inches long, and has an E = 30xE10+6 psi and a G = 10.5xE+6 psi....
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