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qa196a - having an area of 20 inches^2 A 100 kip load is to...

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Name _______________________ Seat Number ______________________ Problem 1) A steel pipe with an OD = 10” and an ID = 9.5 inches (E = 30,000 ksi) is filled with concrete (E = 3,000 ksi.) If a central axial load of 400 kips is applied to the structure, determine whether the concrete or steel (or possibly both) will be overstressed? The allowed stress of the steel is 30 ksi, and the allowed stress in the concrete is 6 ksi. Problem 2) A forty foot long rigid beam is supported on the left end by a tension bar of steel which is 6 feet long and has an area of 4 inches^2. The right end of the beam is supported by a 12 foot long concrete post
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Unformatted text preview: having an area of 20 inches^2. A 100 kip load is to be placed on the beam, such that the beam remains horizontal after the application of the load. How far from the left end of the beam should I put the 100 kip load? Problem 3) Draw a shear and moment diagram for the beam shown: Problem 4) Design the lightest solid steel shaft to carry 200 hp at 6000 RPM. Sigma allowed = 30 ksi, Tau allowed = 14 ksi, E = 30,000 ksi and G = 10,000 ksi. Problem 5) If the shaft in problem 4 is 20 feet long, how much will the bar twist? Use degrees to express your answer....
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