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Name _________________________________ Seat Number __________ NOTE: NO HATS. You must attach the cheat sheet to your quiz when you hand it in. (-20 points) It must have no examples of how to work the following types of problems on it. If it does, get rid of it now. Problem 1) Draw a shear and bending moment diagram for the beam shown: Problem 2) Given the attached copy of your text book page 725, design the lightest steel wide flange for the following beam. Assume that the allowed bending stress is 40 ksi. You may omit the weight of the beam. The beam is a 5 foot long cantilever beam, with a concentrated load of 60
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Unformatted text preview: kips on the free end. Problem 3) Using your solution to problem 2, determine the maximum shear stress in the beam you selected. Problem 4) Determine the deflection at the free end of a W12x53 cantilever beam loaded as shown. E = 29,000 ksi and G = 10,000 ksi. You may omit the weight of the beam itself. The moment is 120 k ft, and the load is 20 k at the center of the 18 foot long beam. Use x=0 at the free end of the beam. Problem 5) Write a singularity function for the moment in the beam shown:...
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