qf196a - Name Seat Number NOTE I will grade your...

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Name ____________________________________ Seat Number ___________ NOTE: I will grade your work (partial credit permitted) ONLY if your work is easy to follow, neat, legible, logical, and you tell me what you are trying to do every step of the way. Otherwise, no credit will be given. Work that is too messy to grade will not be graded. Note the tables included with this quiz. Problem 1) Design the lightest wide flange to carry an axial tensile load of 1080 kips. Use an allowable tensile stress of 36 ksi. Problem 2) Design the lightest pipe to carry an applied torque of 400 inch kips, with an allowed shearing stress of 16 ksi. The outside diameter of the pipe must be 6 inches, and the inside diameter should be as large as possible to lighten the pipe. Problem 3) I have been asked to design the largest spherical thin-walled pressure vessel possible using ½ inch thick steel plate with an allowed tensile stress of 60 ksi. How big could I safely make the tank if it is to carry an internal pressure of 200 psi? Problem 4) For the footing shown, the load P is 200 kips. How far can the load P be moved off of the yy axis,
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qf196a - Name Seat Number NOTE I will grade your...

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