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Name ______________________________ Seat Number __________________ Problem 1) A 16 foot long simply supported W12x50 is uniformly loaded with 2k/ft across its entire length. The beam is bent about its strong x-x axis. Determine the state of stress at a point on the web as shown. The point is 3 inches from the top of the beam, and 2 feet from the left end. By state of stress I mean a summary of the stresses acting at the point in the x/y/shear directions. Do not bother solving for principal stresses on this problem. Problem 2) Determine the Kern limit for the footing shown below, with a radius R: Problem 3) Draw a V and M diagram for the beam shown below: Use w1 = 6k/ft, w2 = 3 k/ft, M = 600 kft, and P = 100 k, L1 = 8ft, L2 = 4 ft, L3 = 6 ft, L4 = 6 ft, L5 = 3 ft, L6
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Unformatted text preview: = 3 ft. The curved load is a parabola. Problem 4) I am trying to put a force between two walls of 600 kips, as shown below, with a 6 foot long solid steel bar, with a diameter of 3 inches. The walls are exactly 6 feet 0.1 inches apart. How hot above ambient temperature will I have to heat the bar to generate the desired force between the walls? Problem 5) How much load can safely be placed on a 12 foot long steel 6”x4”x1/2” rectangular structural tube column? The base of the column is pinned, and the top of the column is braced and fixed. Problem 6) Using the method of superposition, solve for the reaction at the roller for the following structure. Use M1 = 400 kft, w1 = 2k/ft, L1 = 4 ft, L2 = 10 ft....
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