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Problem 1) A steel reinforced concrete column is loaded with an axial load of 600 kips. The concrete column is 14"x14" square, and is 20 feet long. There are twelve 1.25" diameter reinforcing rods in the column. Properties of concrete: E = 3000 ksi, and for steel E = 30,000 ksi. a) Determine the resulting stress in the concrete and in the steel. b) Determine the resulting deformation of the top of the column (i.e. how far does it move down?) Problem 2) A rigid horizontal bar is pinned at the left end and supported by three vertical bars at A, B, and C. Determine the load Pend which will cause a stress of 30ksi compression in the center bar B. Properties of the bars are listed below. Bar A Bar B Bar C E = 30,000 ksi E = 20,000 ksi E = 10,000 ksi
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Unformatted text preview: Sigma yield = 20 ksi Sigma yield = 40 ksi Sigma yield = 80 ksi Length = 40 inches Length = 60 inches Length = 20 inches Area = 2 in^2 Area = 1 in^2 Area = 3 in^2 Problem 3) A bar is slipped between two rigid walls at a temperature of 70 degrees F and just exactly fits. Determine the maximum temperature to which the bar can be raised before yielding the steel. The yield stress of the bar is 30 ksi, and the thermal coefficient of expansion is 6.5x10E-6 in/in/deg F. The modulus of elasticity of the bar is 30,000 ksi and the modulus of shear = 10,000 ksi. Problem 4) For the beam shown below, determine the moment and shear at the following location: 20 feet from the left end of the beam. Use w = 3 k/foot, M = 200 kip ft, X1 = 12 feet, X2 = 24 feet, X3 = 15 feet, X4 = X5 = 8 feet. Problem 5) Design the lightest steel pipe that can be used to carry an axial tensile load of 500 k, assuming that a factor of safety = 2 based on an ultimate stress of 120 ksi is to be used as the allowable stress. The pipe is to have a wall thickness of 0.75 inches....
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MakeupQuizA - Sigma yield = 20 ksi Sigma yield = 40 ksi...

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