Act1_03momentodeunafuerza - ESCUELA de INGENIERA,...

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ESCUELA de INGENIERÍA, ARQUITECTURA y SALUD ELECTRÓNICA y MECATRÓNICA 14/01/09 M.C. José Abel Padilla Aceves I.T.E.S.M. Estática Actividad: Momentos respecto a un punto Desarrollo de la Actividad: Resolver los siguientes problemas: Problem 3.1 A90 (N) force is applied to the control rod AB as shown. Knowing that the length of the rod is 225 (mm), determine the moment of the force about point B by resolving the force into components along AB and in a direction perpendicular to AB. Problem 3.10 It is known that a force with a moment of 7840 (lb in) about D is required to straighten the fence post CD. If: a: = 8 (in),
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Act1_03momentodeunafuerza - ESCUELA de INGENIERA,...

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