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ESCUELA de INGENIERÍA, ARQUITECTURA y SALUD ELECTRÓNICA y MECATRÓNICA 28/01/09 M.C. José Abel Padilla Aceves Actividad de ESTÁTICA I.T.E.S.M. Estática Actividad: Reducción de un sistema de fuerzas a una fuerza y un par Desarrollo de la Actividad: Resuelva los siguientes ejercicios Problem 3.82 A landscaper tries to plumb a tree by applying a 54 (lb) force as shown. Two helpers then attempt to plumb the same trip, with one pulling at B and the other pushing with a parallel force a C . Determine these two forces so that they are equivalent to the single 54 (lb) force shown in the figure Problem 3.84 A force and a couple are applied to a beam. a) Replace this system with a single force F applied at point G b) Determine the distance d c) Solve part a) assuming that the directions of the two 150 (lb) forces are reversed. PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
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Act1_07resultantedesistemaafuerzapar - ESCUELA de...

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