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1: Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick Milazzo (NAM 744) 1. Some people are pessimistic about the chances of making people virtuous but optimistic about the chances of having good government without virtue. They say that because of checks and balances and all of the other paraphernalia of complex government, civic virtue isn’t really necessary; bad people will keep each other from doing any serious injustice. Do you think this claim is true? Why or why not? I totally disagree with this claim for a couple of reasons. One, checks and balances are not necessarily fail-proof. For instance, the check on the Legislative Branch is the Presidential veto, but the Legislature can still override this veto with a 2/3 vote. If the Legislature is completely corrupt and without virtue then, it might override vetoes and pass legislation that are evil or in some way detrimental to society. Secondly, civic virtue is the motivation behind good government. Good government is supposed to serve and protect its people, two aspects of virtue. If the people running the Government are not virtuous then it is impossible for the Government to perform its duties and fulfill its purpose. Both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists agreed that civic virtue is necessary for a republic, such as the United States, to exist. 2. As you are reading the debates at the Constitutional Convention, make a list for yourself of the various conflicting interests that delegates had to compromise (for instance, between the interests of states with large populations and the interests of states with small populations). a. Which of the Constitution’s features seem to result directly from ideas in
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Assignment1 - 1 Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick...

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