Assignment4 - 4 Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick...

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4: Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick Milazzo (NAM 744) Using the commentary on Federalist nos. 51, 62, and 63 as a model, compose analytical outlines of both Federalist #47 and Federalist #48. Focus on Madison’s concept of tyranny, his analysis of encroachment, and his attack on Anti-Federalist misunderstandings of the concept of separation of functions (which he calls “separation of powers”). Federalist Paper No. 47 James Madison 1) Does the Constitution create a sufficient separation of powers among the executive, judiciary, and legislative branches? Madison points out that the branches overlapped, but maintained that the blending did not violate “separation of powers.” A. Madison credits the large support of a separation of powers to Montesquieu. B. Montesquieu argues that when one branch of government simultaneously holds the powers of another, tyranny results. C. Madison maintains that Montesquieu “did not mean that these departments ought to have no partial agency in, or no
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Assignment4 - 4 Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick...

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