Assignment5 - 5 Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick...

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5: Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick Milazzo (NAM 744) Using the commentary on Federalist nos. 6, 9, and 15 as a model, compose an analytical outline of either Federalist #1 or Federalist #16. If you choose Federalist #1, focus on showing how Hamilton inspires his readers, vilifies his opponents, and sets both the tone and the plan for what is to follow. Federalist Paper No. 1 Hamilton The purpose of Federalist #1 is to serve as a preface to the series, introducing the American public to the major points that the various authors hope to cover. These points being: 1. The Articles of Confederation should be rejected 2. The governmental power distribution provided by the proposed new Constitution is to the greatest benefit of the governed (the American public). AUDIENCE INSPIRATION Hamilton uses this first essay to inspire and sway the readers about the importance of their voice in approving the proposed Constitution. He accomplishes this inspiration in three ways: 1. Patriotism - Hamilton appeals to the readers’ sense of patriotism, carefully mentioning that the existence of the Union rests on the shoulders of its citizens 2. Empowerment - Through reminding the public of their power to add input, Hamilton empowers the readers to exercise their voices and their rights as Americans 3. Paternalism - Hamilton takes a paternal role in writing to the American public. For example, Hamilton writes, “Yes, my countrymen, I own to you that, after having given it an attentive consideration, I am clearly of opinion it
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Assignment5 - 5 Instructor-Graded Assignment Nick...

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