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Binder1 11 - PROBLEM 9.13 Uel‘et‘mint by:1th...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 9.13 Uel‘et‘mint: by :1th integration the momsnt of inertia of the shaded area with reapect tn tha y axis. in .t .-_ y:_cJu.fi =|IIEJJM | I F. iii-Ir}. —- .T?d‘i = 4'3 [y rim) = 1'2 ”Wm I'dx} Then “' .2 r -l I}. = jaw, = L 451.; 9” Li: New use jttlugmtiun by parla- with Using inmgration by 11311}; with 1' y z}: {.515 -2an_xat?x"-TJ] IE —-[T[ctew_1}dx]} J" 1 = 1510” -- 20L]; ‘(Eigcmqj '31} — 2a 1:2 —{a1 — ale?" El] u: JJ. 2 H.264a3b 1 PRHPRIETARE' .l-{ATERI—‘IL all EDI-SJ The Mcflrnw-HJIJ Cum-panic; inn. MJ rights mix-ed. Na par! Lift-hit Mmai' my be ditpiuyed. itwmiur'e-d or durribumd in mgr-fr: . or a':-_+ my mama. WI'EFEIW tins pn'ar- wr-Irmn Jrflr.'??i1:§l'Jti gr' n're- puma-her. or tat-ed W the emitted dim-thunk” In rem tine-rs and um'brcflk‘r'h'pflrml'fled .55}- ifiGrn-mi'n'iiirbr rimr min-MM cmmtepmpmkm. {ff-mu are a Html'fif: asinp- nitrit- Miami. fits.- are “3'ng H withoutpa-rmttt-Izm. 1359 ...
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