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Course Project Thesis Final - Steven Coburn Course Project...

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Steven Coburn Course Project Final P. Hatlivik Adverse Reaction to Childhood Immunizations We are all guilty of allowing fear to drive us to bad decisions, but will we let fear push up into disaster? Such is the case for childhood vaccines. There are a great many uneducated parents who have no idea what is inside the needle that is being thrust into their most precious possession (your child). It is my hypothesis that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and IOM (Institute of Medicine) have blatantly lied to us with regards to the adverse effect of vaccine/immunizations. The evidence for my hypothesis is overwhelming, in April 2007 Julie Gerberding conceded to a senate appropriations sub-committee that vaccines caused Hannah Polling’s rare condition. Journal of Child Neurology Vol. 21, No. 2. P 170-172 (2006) Again on March 11 th CDC Vaccine Safety Agency held a conference on the matter; with the results of 30 children and their intensely studied biochemistry and the results were the same as Hannah Poling. Each child was reported having moderate elevations or imbalances in the exact same amino acids and liver enzymes as Hannah P.” (David Kirgy (The next Big Autism Bomb are 1-50 kids at risk? Huffington Post 4-26-2004)) Despite their efforts to bring silence to the subject, it has still leaked into the mainstream media , Scarbourouh Country (Robert F. Kennedy and other outlets on December 10, 2002 (Deadly Immunity) Congressman Representative Dan Burton Rep 5 th District Indiana who also serves as Chairman on Government reform and oversight committee ordered a full investigation. What followed was as such; Mike Geir MD, PhD who is head of the congressional vaccine researches states as follows.” There is a definite causal relationship between Thimerosal and autism, and what’s occurring here is a cover-up under the guise of protecting the vaccine program.” Dr. Boyd Haley PhD (chemistry chair University of Kentucky) states “The ones exposed to mercury from the mothers amalgams they have a very minimal rate over a very long period of time.” He goes on to say “when the child is born; on the day he/she is born their given a bolus does of Ethyl Mercury at a time when the biliary transport system is not working and they are in turn very susceptible.” Last but not least is Dr. Rebecca Carley, who was stripped of her license to practice medicine after coming forward with her finding which is charted in my PowerPoint presentation. (Please refer to the chart in the PowerPoint for Dr. Carley’s findings.)
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Course Project Thesis Final - Steven Coburn Course Project...

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