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Parker - Parker Emanuel(1996 September 19 Buildings...

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Parker, Emanuel. (1996, September 19). Buildings designed by architect Paul Williams may be destroyed. Sentinel,p. A1. Retrieved August 2, 2010, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 10358599).
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Copyright Los Angeles Sentinel Sep 19, 1996 IN LONG BEACH: Buildings Designed By Architect Paul Williams May Be. Destroyed Several buildings at the Long Beach Naval Station designed by renowned black architect Paul Revere Williams are at the center of a heated debate over the fate of the 170-acre military base, which is scheduled to be closed next year. The City of Long Beach plans to raze every structure on the base and use 130 acres to build a $200 million cargo container yard and import terminal for the China Overseas Shipping Company, a steam-ship line operated by the People's Republic of China. But thousands of Long Beach residents and historical preservationists want to save the base and open its recreational facilities for public use. On the preservationist "save" list are several structures designed by Williams and built in 1942/43, when the base was being rapidly expanded in response to the outbreak of World War II.
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