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rviz6 - them 6 POV – Point of view 7 Value relationships...

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Steven Coburn Rapid Visualization Quiz #6 1. Develop – Speed to the point where you can draw quickly while maintaining accuracy . 2. Know your audience, without them your presentation will not work. 3. Follow the process, do not skip ahead or overcorrect. 4. Stage 1 – Thumbnails = quick small idea sketches, to visualize the central concept . 5. Order of importance – How you will draw certain elements and how you will position
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Unformatted text preview: them. 6. POV – Point of view 7. Value relationships – Placement of different values in the drawing determines the overall design of the drawing. 8. Point of View – where you are, with perspective to eye level, before you begin to draw. 9. Stage 2- Transparencies; is the stage where you work out the basic relationship between parts . 10. Final Drawing – the final form the viewer see....
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