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Steven Coburn Rapid Visualization Quiz #6 1. Develop – Speed to the point where you can draw quickly while maintaining accuracy . 2. Know your audience, without them your presentation will not work. 3. Follow the process, do not skip ahead or overcorrect. 4. Stage 1 – Thumbnails = quick small idea sketches, to visualize the central concept . 5. Order of importance – How you will draw certain elements and how you will position
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Unformatted text preview: them. 6. POV Point of view 7. Value relationships Placement of different values in the drawing determines the overall design of the drawing. 8. Point of View where you are, with perspective to eye level, before you begin to draw. 9. Stage 2- Transparencies; is the stage where you work out the basic relationship between parts . 10. Final Drawing the final form the viewer see....
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