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definition essay

definition essay - Tasha Forsberg Academic Writing Karma...

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Tasha Forsberg Academic Writing Karma Karma is a very powerful thing, and a belief throughout the world. Karma is when someone does an action, either negative or positive, which sends certain energy out so something good or bad will happen afterwards. I believe that there are three types of karma, all which have some effect in an everyday life; these three types are good, bad, and an action where it brings nothing. Karma can either make or break someone, that’s why it’s always better to be a good samaritan, then to be livid and ghastly. Good karma is a wonderful thing and is remarkable when it happens. If someone were to pass a homeless man collecting change, and you either give him change, or go inside get him a sandwich and bring it out, that is good karma. In return, something good will happen to you. Something good could happen anything from winning five dollars with a scratch ticket to finding something you’ve been looking for forever. Bigger actions
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