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Break Sadi comes down and ranveer also enters the house. Ranveer asks sadi u look worried is alekh bhaiyya okay and sadi says that he is fine and that she wants to talk to him (ranveer). Ranveer says he also wants to talk to her. Sadi thinks it must b about ragini so she decides that she shud first listen to wat ranveer has to say. She asks ranveer wat he wants to say and he says that anamika has cast a spell on me i m really impressed by her talk. she told me to apologize to naveen bhaiyaa and i did and now i feel very relaxed. She has completely changed my life. She is great. Sadi says he shud meet her (anamika) so that they cud
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Unformatted text preview: understand each other better. Ranveer says jis k khayaalaat itney khubsurat hoon woh khud kitni khubsoorat ho gi. Fair complexsion, brown eyes, long hair. .. she must b a fairy. Sadi becomes worried by hearing this and is lost in thots. ..seeing this Ranveer says just by listening about her u have lost in thots wat will happen to me when i will meet her. .. Just then avni comes and ask who r they talking about but ranveer says noone and says that its too late and he shud go now. Avni thinks she should tell vasu about it....
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