6 - address t mamaji from the opposite building so she told...

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Mamaji asks Malti, Vinu’s office adress to bring his lunch box for him, (he forgot) and malti says she will bring it, mamaji says no, he will so malti says: who address…. Ranveer in his cabin with Vinu and they discuss some file or something like that and ranveer praises him. Vinu got a promotion and he thanked Ranveer, he was about to go and Naveen came. Vinu went and Naveen asks why Ranveer give him a promotion that to so soon, ranveer: he deserved it. Naveen: okey, it was my job to warn u…. Malti called Vinu and says that bapuji is on his way to Vinu’s office, Vinu was shocked, but malti says that she gave a wring
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Unformatted text preview: address t mamaji, from the opposite building , so she told vinu to go there asap otherwise there will be a problem for them, Vinu says ok, and he went. Mamaji asks the watchman about textile international companies and the watchman told him, there’s no such company there, mamaji took out a piece of paper with the address and shows it to him and he says, the address is right but there’s no such company. Mamaji: how can that be? My son works here. Vinu came and handles the situation with his lies ofcourse and mamaji believes him....
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