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Tasha Forsberg Academic Writing 9/10/07 Problem/Solution Essay I’m told to write this essay, a problem in itself. I ponder for a while and decide to do something else, maybe that will help bring about a topic to write about. I decide to ask friends and to no avail, I think about writing a solution for the problem of this essay. Three things that I believe will help me write my essay, but yet just continue to make it harder are: surfing Facebook, making food, and visiting random friends rooms asking for help on what to write, which all just creates more confusion. Facebook creates it immensely hard to do work. I continue to get stuck on what to write, and once I begin to find something to write, I cannot think of a thesis. I continue to do this over and over while in-between stopping to check my Facebook. The increased drama in college life toys with my mind, drawing me even further and further away from this paper. Such as thinking about who is hooking up or who just got dumped. I find
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