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Latest revision: 10/19/04, 2:15 PM Name STUDENT ID Number FIRST MIDTERM EXAM KEY Spring Quarter, 2004 This exam should consist of 6 pages (including this top page); please check that your exam is complete. Sign your initials in the space provided on each page . Please write your answers only in the spaces provided on each page. You may use the back of the pages as a “scratch sheet”, but we will not grade anything written on the back of the page. The exam has a total of 112 points; allot time to each question based upon its point value, and budget your time carefully. You have 50 minutes, so you should spend at most one minute for each two points (you might want to leave a little time at the end for checking over your answers). PLEASE USE A PEN . ONLY EXAMS WRITTEN IN PEN CAN BE SUBMITTED FOR REGRADE REQUESTS! The exam will end at 11:50 AM. Good luck!
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Initials:____________________________ First Midterm Exam: April 21, 2003 Page 2 of 6 total student points on this page:______ IMPORTANT! For multiple choice questions, there is only one correct or best answer per question. Circling more than one answer per question is incorrect. 1. (4pts) Which of the following is consistent with the modern theory of evolution: (a) Organisms have a built in drive to perfection (a) Organisms have the capacity to adapt to the environment (a) Spontaneous generation occasionally occurs in natural populations (a) Acquired characteristics are heritable (a) Evolution works for the good of the species 2. (12pts) You are walking along the sidewalk and you see small wasp land on a spider. The wasp carefully inserts her ovipositor (the tube through which she lays her egg) inside the spider and then drags it away to a hole where the egg will hatch into a grub that will devour the spider from the inside but takes care to avoid any vital organs so that the spider remains a living source of fresh food. Use the framework of Tinbergen’s four questions to ask why the mother wasp is exhibiting this behavior (which is completely innate). Make sure that you ask and answer all four different questions using the four specific terms we discussed in class. Also, please categorize your questions as Proximate or Ultimate. PROXIMATE QUESTIONS 1) _________________ 2) _________________ ULTIMATE QUESTIONS 3) _________________ 4) _________________ PROXIMATE QUESTIONS (For each question, 1 pt for correct term and 2 pts for correct explanation) 1) CAUSATION: The muscles of the wasp allowed her ovipositor to insert inside the spider
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MidtermOne2004key - Latest revision: 10/19/04, 2:15 PM Name...

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