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Latest revision: 6/11/04, 5:15 PM Name ____________________________________________________ STUDENT ID Number FINAL EXAM KEY BIEB 166, Animal Behavior & Communication Spring Quarter, 2004 This exam should consist of 10 pages (including this top page); please check that your exam is complete. Sign your initials in the space provided on each page . Please write your answers only in the spaces provided on each page. You may use the back of the pages as a “scratch sheet”, but we will not grade anything written on the back of the page. The exam has a total of 178 points; allot time to each question based upon its point value, and budget your time carefully. You have 3 hours, so you should budget your time accordingly. PLEASE USE A PEN when writing on the exam . ONLY EXAMS WRITTEN IN PEN CAN BE SUBMITTED FOR REGRADE REQUESTS! IMPORTANT!!! When you turn in your exam, you must sign off next to your name on the master list to show that you attended the exam. Good luck! MAKE SURE THAT YOU CORRECTLY WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE SCANTRON AND BUBBLE IN YOUR STUDENT ID. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOUR STUDENT ID IS A12345678 , THEN YOU WOULD BUBBLE IN: 12345678
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BIEB 166: Animal Communication & Behavior Initials:____________________________ FINAL EXAM Page 2 of 10 total student points on this page:______ PLEASE BEGIN MARKING YOUR ANSWERS ON THE SCANTRON! True or False. Each statement is either true or false. Selecting both true and false is incorrect (2 pts each). ON THE SCANTRON, FILL IN “A” IF IT IS TRUE AND “B” IF IT IS FALSE A B 1) T F Mushroom bodies in honey bees are used to store food for transport back to the hives. 2) T F Individual selection is usually a stronger force than group selection. 3) T F Both transcription and translation are necessary for long term facilitation to occur. 4) T F An increase in the number of synaptic connections a sensory neuron makes with another neuron is linked with long-term habituation in Aplysia . 5) T F An endogenous clock is a biological clock that keeps time without external input 6) T F A circadian rhythm has a cycle of approximately one year 7) T F Animals with trichromatic vision are only able to distinguish between three different colors 8) T F The oil droplets in turtle cone cells allow the animals to see infrared light 9) T F One advantage of the compound eye is that it has excellent spatial resolution 10) T F Honey bee queen substance acts as both a primer and a releaser 11) T F The olfactory lobe of the honey bee brain shows “across neuron pattern” coding 12) T F Increased wind speed increases the active space of a phermone 13) T F The active space of a pheromone is the region in which the sender deposits the pheromone 14) T F One advantage of color vision is that it provides improved light sensitivity under low light conditions 15) T F Variable refractive index lenses are good because they can correct for light intensity distortions 16) T F In phototransduction, the rhodopsin molecule changes from a cis to a trans form when it struck by a photon 17) T F The transfer function of light from a signaler to a receiver depends upon the beam amplification coefficient of the medium 18) T F Light becomes increasingly blue as you go to greater ocean depths because of Rayleigh scattering
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Finalexam2004key - Latest revision 5:15 PM Name STUDENT ID...

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