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Latest revision: 5/22/06, 7:47 PM By signing here, I agree to all of the terms and conditions of the exam as stated on the exam and on the course syllabus: Name ____________________________________________________ STUDENT ID Number MIDTERM 2 EXAM KEY Spring Quarter 2006 This exam should consist of 6 pages (including this top page); please check that your exam is complete. Sign your initials in the space provided on each page . Please write your answers only in the spaces provided on each page. You may use the back of the pages as a “scratch sheet”, but we will not grade anything written on the back of the page. In all multiple choice and true false questions, we will grade you based upon the choice that you circle, not on any other information that you may have written. The exam has a total of 88 points; allot time to each question based upon its point value, and budget your time carefully. You have 50 min, so you should budget your time accordingly. PLEASE USE A PEN when writing on the exam . ONLY EXAMS WRITTEN IN PEN CAN BE SUBMITTED FOR REGRADE REQUESTS! Please also note that the exam can be completely regarded when a regrade request is submitted such that extra points mistakenly given can also be taken away. Regrades are due no later than 1 week after the exams have been handed back. Answers for the exam are usually posted within 24 hours on WebCT and also in the entrance lobby to Muir Biology Building IMPORTANT!!! This is a closed-book, closed-note exam with NO CALCULATORS ALLOWED. When you turn in your exam, you must sign off next to your name on the master list to show that you attended the exam.
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Initials:____________________________ FINAL EXAM Page 2 of 7 total student points on this page:______ True or False. Each statement is either true or false. Selecting both true and false is incorrect (2 pts each). On the scantron, please mark "a" if the statement is true and "b" if the statement is false 1) T F The southern clan of resident British Columbian killer whales has greater call diversity than the northern clan. The opposite is true 2) T F In the British Columbian transient killer whales, sons and daughters tend to stay with the mother well into sexual maturity. This true of the resident whales, not the transient whales. 3) T F The honeybee round dance communicates the direction of food from the nest. No, the round dance does not communicate food location; only that food is available near the nest. 4 ) T F Honeybees can orient towards sky polarization patterns . In lecture, we discussed how bees can sense use sky polarization patterns to orient. The polarization patterns are created in the sky by the light of the sun passing through the earth's atmosphere (the sky). The bees can orient directly to the sky polarization patterns (as in flying in the perceived direction of the sun) and they can use them to orient their waggle dances. 5)
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06SpMidterm2key - Latest revision 7:47 PM By signing here I...

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