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Name: ____________________________ ID: _____________________ 1 CHEMISTRY 140B 03/02/10 2nd Midterm Exam Average: 78 (corresponds to lowest B–) Standard Deviation: 28 Instructions: 1: This exam consists of 7 pages , including this page. ( Page #7 is blank). At the beginning of the examination period, put your name at the top of each page. 2. This exam accounts for 25% of the final grade (150 points total). 3. You can use the backside of each page, or page #7, as a scratch paper. However your final answers must be clearly written within the designated box that follows after each question. At the end cross out all unused space . 4. You may use pen or pencil. However exams completed with pencil will not be regraded. 5. The grades will be announced on Thursday 03/04/10. If you wish to have your exams regraded, you may submit them to me before 03/11/10. After 03/11/10 all grades are final. 6. The exams will be available from Pacific Hall 5 th floor during working hours 7. Read carefully the instructions for each problem. 8. Keep your eyes in your own exam!!! GOOD LUCK Problem Points Score 1. 30 ________ 2. 30 ________ 3. 30 ________ 4. 30 ________ 5. 30 ________ TOTAL 150 _______
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Name: ____________________________ ID: _____________________ 2 Problem 1 (30 points) a. Treatment of alcohol C with HCl (catalyst) in CH 3 OH as the solvent produces 3 different polyenes D , E , and F that have the same molecular formula and contain only trans alkenes. Predict the structures of D , E and F . b. Which one of the alkenes D , E , F will be favored under thermodynamic or kinetic control? Explain your answer in 1-2- sentences. c.
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10Wmid2key0 - Name ID CHEMISTRY 140B 2nd Midterm Exam 1...

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