Biography of Allen Pinkerton - Running head: BIOGRAPHY OF...

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Running head: BIOGRAPHY OF ALLEN PINKERTON 1 Biography of Allen Pinkerton Regina Pitts CJS250 August 15, 2010 Kemhe King
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BIOGRAPHY OF ALLEN PINKERTON 2 Biography of Allen Pinkerton After the great American Civil War no fears was felt in the hearts of outlaws other than the important logo “We Never Sleep” and the imprint of the wide open eye. In the stomping grounds of detectives, this label was a sure sign that Pinkerton was on the pursuit to find those who were wanted. A Scottish foreigner who was accountable for making his name publically known by starting the first detective agency named Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The son of a police officer in Glasgow, Scotland, Allen Pinkerton was born in August 21, 1819. During his early years Pinkerton had no interest of investigative type of work, he then worked at making baskets as a cooper. He was involved with campaigning for the British Charter. Later in life at the age of twenty-three, Pinkerton married a musician from Glasgow, Scotland and moved to America somewhere near the Chicago Illinois area at that time during his
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Biography of Allen Pinkerton - Running head: BIOGRAPHY OF...

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