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5133syll ORIGINAL - FINANCIAL POLICY FINC 5133 Fall 2008...

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FINANCIAL POLICY FINC 5133 Fall 2008 Location: Bayou 2122 Meeting Times: Wednesday 7 – 9:50 PM Instructor: Timothy B. Michael , (MBA) PhD Office: 3121.33 Phone: 281-283-3193 (office), cellphone _________________________ Email: michael@uhcl.edu Homepage: http://members.aol.com/TBMichael/mypage2.htm I also keep a blog at http://uhclmba.blogspot.com Secretary: Judith Thompson; 281-283-3185 Office Hours: Monday 4:30-6:30; Wednesday 2-6, and immediately after class. Other times by appointment. I am always available by phone or in person. Texts: Brigham & Ehrhardt, Financial Management (12th Ed.) , Thomson South- Western, 2008. You can also use the 11 th edition, but you will have to get some assignments/readings from the 12 th edition during the semester. In particular, the 12th edition has more homework problems (that's a good thing) and you are responsible for finding out what they are and working them. Dixon, Hugo. Finance: Just in Time . Texere, 2001. Readings & Cases: I will ask you to read articles from academic journals and/or popular business sources such as The Wall Street Journal . These will be handed out in class or made available for download in the online Reading List . In addition, your case assignments will be handed out to groups in class. These will probably come from Journal of Finance Case Research . Calculator: I recommend that you have a financial calculator for this course. If you plan to purchase a financial calculator during the semester, be sure to buy one that will do Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (net present value or NPV ) and internal rate of return ( IRR ). The standard BA II Plus by Texas Instruments is an excellent choice (it has a hard shell), as is the HP 10bii (although this one is very fragile when carried in a book bag). You are responsible for learning how to operate your calculator and learning how to apply it to the techniques discussed in class.
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F I N C 5 1 3 3 : F i n a n c i a l P o l i c y P a g e 2 Course Prerequisites: (from the UHCL Catalog 2007-2008 , page 309) The following are prerequisites for this course: 1. FINC 5031 or equivalent, and 2. ECON 5136. If you haven't fulfilled these prior to this semester, please withdraw from this course immediately. Course Description: (from the UHCL Catalog 2007-2008 , page 309) Develop understanding of the decisions made by financial managers. These decisions are valuation of assets, measuring risk and return, choosing among investment alternatives, financing of operations, capital structure decisions, dividend policy, merger and acquisition decisions, and others. Course Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of the following areas through a combination of written explanation and/or the use of specialized analysis techniques relevant to each topic: 1. Cost of Capital 2. Capital Budgeting Policy & Analysis 3. Evaluation of Project Risk 4. Financial Forecasting 5. Capital Structure Policy
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5133syll ORIGINAL - FINANCIAL POLICY FINC 5133 Fall 2008...

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